Nikki Ummel (@nikkiummelwrites) is a writer, educator, and editor in New Orleans. She is passionate about bridging creative communities and fostering connection through the making and sharing of art.

Loves: bagels, her dog, and writing poems in dive bars.
Hates: bedtimes, shaving, and the way her mouth tastes in the morning.

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A collector of stones, feathers, seeds, and stories, if she’s not in her garden or getting lost, NOLA-native Michelle Nicholson (@michelle.antoinette) is likely focused on her work as a teacher, journalist, and editor. Or dancing.

Michelle’s pet peeves include fake hugs, gluten in her broth, and fascism.

Some of her Big Loves are creating inclusive spaces for exchanges of all kinds; expressive freedom and frivolity, whim and serious fun opening the creative process and collaborations; roasted eggplant; and her high-efficiency clothes washing machine.

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Tori Green (@kelmscott_press) is a graphic designer that has dedicated her life to creating engaging spatial experiences for museums, exhibits, and events across the world. She is interested in designing immersive environments that are grounded in storytelling and accessible to people from all walks of life.

Loves: gardening, eating chocolate, staying up late, and reading graphic novels.

Hates: war, littering, Gatorade, and bad typography.

Check out Tori’s work on her website.